6 Himachal Pradesh’s Best Short Treks

kasol kheerganga trek

The Himachal Pradesh is home to the Deo Tibba Trek and the Hampta Pass Trek, among the most famous walks of the Western Himalaya. But don’t worry if you have no time out or are an inexperienced hiking enthusiast. Himachal Pradesh has a path for everyone out there who answers the calling of the mountain. In Himachal Pradesh, despite their length, a range of short walks is fascinating. Other magnificent destinations, such as Triund Hill, Bhagso Nag, and Kareri Lake at Dharamshala and McLeodganj Hill Stations will be on offer during walks to the Patalsu Peak, Lamadugh Peak, and Beas Kund from Manali.


Here are some of the best short walks of Himachal that can be rejuvenated over the weekend. Learn more about 6 lovely short walking tours and what you might expect from them in Himachal.


  1. Kheerganga Trek


KheerGanga trek (3050 meters) crosses the Parvati Pass to the pine valley at the end of Parvati Valley and the last inhabited settlement. Kheerganga’s panoramic sky and its immense greenery give great pleasure for the eyes and particularly for the tired legs of hikers. It is a sanctuary with a hot water spring, the small temple of Lord Shiva, and a bath-tank. When a walker is coated with snow, it combines in an odd way with hot spring water to bathing.


  1. Prashar Lake Trek


One of the most beautiful locations of Himachal Pradesh is a crystal clear body of water situated 50 kilometers north of Mandi and a 3-story pagoda-like temple dedicated to Saint Prashar. The lake, with a depth of blue water at an altitude of 2730 m, is sacred. Located in Kullu Valley, the place has a magical beauty, lined with strong Dhauladhar. It is surrounded by snowy mountains and faces the swift river Beas. In the 13th century, the temple was constructed and has a vague myth. There is an island in the sea, floating in its current depth and unknown.


  1. Beas Kund Trek

The Trek Beas Kund takes you to Solang Nallah’s hypocritical grasslands full of flowers and grazing cattle. The first-day camping is in Dhundi on the green slopes along with the Bank of Beas. The next day, walk through the old Deodar woodlands, oaks, and maple trees which have been around for years. The silence of the trees is hypnotic with the exception of occasional cicadas. When you come near the lake the trees disappear for rocks and snowy patches in the barren mountains.


  1. Lamadugh Trek


One of the biggest gems in Himachal Pradesh is the trail to Lamadugh. You left the former Manu Temple in Manali in the morning after breakfast. You are guided by large trees and alpine weeds, like any other Himalayan walk.


You’ll only be able to get a good view of Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba, the Inda peaks, and the Bara Shigri Glacier during 7-8 hours of this journey to the floral Lamadugh peak. Horizontally you have to walk over a hill to enter the last part of the land as the road leads to the green meadow of only a few cabins and thousands of flowers.


  1. Vashisht Jogini Waterfall


One of the easiest Himachal walks of one day in the Jogini Falls near the Temple of Vashisht near Manali. If you remain in Manali, you can start walking from your holiday place. Start your journey from Manali Bus to Vashisht Temple. Stand north, approximately 4 km. The temple is where you can rest and walk around another 4 km to the Jogini Falls through apple gardens and pine trees. The river flows from 160 ft to various depths and makes an underfloor swimming pool where visitors often dive.


  1. Khar Myundari Trek


The sedan is a one-hour drive from Manali Bus Station and is the base for the Khar Myundari tour. On the side of the river, the road follows a beautiful pine and deodar. You can also find apples and throw some in your backpack when the trees are loaded with berries.


The Khar Myundari is located on a small alpine lake which provides the perfect backdrop for photography and relaxation. Camping Khar Myundari provides views of the Kullu valley. The next day after breakfast you can come back to Manali for more trips.


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