Accuracy is key – why accurate truck weights do more than prevent overloading 


Having reliable weighing technology at your disposal is key to minimising scope creep. You need precision because you need assurance that your weighing processes are not only preventing overloading but also increasing the speed, profitability and quality of your operations from the minute you leave site. Below will explore the additional benefits in owning an accurate truck weight and the importance of sourcing it from a reputable, industry leader.   

Drastically reduces accident risk 

Compliance with state and federal regulations is the most important thing to ensure your drivers are protected and employing the safest practises. Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Compliance is as crucial to the safety of your staff as it is to the reputation of your organisation, therefore having leading-edge technology is a must. Even if a truck doesn’t exceed the payload limits but is weighed incorrectly, the chances of the driver losing control of the vehicle is increased. Any miscalculation that may result in the truck losing balance will invariably make it more prone to rolling over. Luckily this risk can be substantially mitigated. 

Enter the Trakblaze TRUCKMATE; a tried and tested mobile scale that has been developed in conjunction with VicRoads Transport Safety Services to remedy the industry’s persistent overloading issues. It’s extremely low profile (18mm high) comprises 20 independent load cells under the top plate delivering highly precise digital read-outs to ensure safety and replicability across all facets of your operations. 

Improving efficiency 

Compared to the size and net weight of older technology in the marketplace, there have been tremendous advancements in today’s axle weighing systems that don’t require the entire floor space of your yard. Saving space is as key to improving efficiency as saving time and having the ability to weigh trucks accurately in motion is just the beginning.  

The FORCE™ 1 is Trakblaze’s innovative axle weighbridge scale is the result of meticulous engineering and is an adept response to the universal need to weigh trucks in motion, in the smallest and most enduring environments. Designed to reduce the amount of yard space and supervision, the FORCE™ 1 has unrivalled accuracy and can be fitted to the most enduring environments without wavering reducing its precision. 

Above all, this method is proven to increase production and profit as downtime and civil works are heavily reduced and the software is highly user friendly to keep fleets moving safely and informed. It is capable of accurately measuring each axle load as well as the overall weight, either statically or in motion at a speed of up to 12kph.

The takeaway  

Overloading is among the most persistent of issues facing the truck industry but the tools to remedy this also bring about many other benefits that increase your efficiency and overall bottom line. Trakblaze’s leading-edge range of accurate truck and axle weights are a sure-fire solution for long-term compliance as well as improving operations. With a reputation built on the back of over 88 years of innovation and international trailblazing, the FORCE™ 1 and TRUCKMATE might be the single most ubiquitous item that improves the overall quality of your organisation. 

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