Five Ways to Create a Different Fantasy Cricket Team

Five Ways to Create a Different Fantasy Cricket Team

Whenever the Indian Premier League begins, there is always a big boom in cricket. Since it is the highest rated fantasy sport in India, it has become popular among fans of the game, just like regular cricket. Fantasy cricket depends on your skills and knowledge of the game. You have to choose the right combination of 11 best players and build your own cricket team. 

It is a game based on strategy. It is no wonder that fantasy cricket has become so popular in recent years, because it is a platform where you can earn money and have fun at the same time and where you can use your unlimited cricket knowledge. 

To make it in the world of fantasy cricket tournaments, it is extremely important to choose the right cricket team. Here we look at five strategies that will help you win every fantasy cricket match you enter.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast and field conditions

Because of the online format of the game, fantasy cricketers often ignore field analysis and weather forecasts. This factor may seem small, but it is extremely important in determining the actual number of players playing for both teams. Fantasy cricket does not mean you should ignore the pitch. Before deciding on the players for your fantasy cricket team, analyze some previous matches to get a good idea of the pitch. A bumpy pitch is always good for bowlers, while a flat pitch is good for batsmen. A critical analysis of the basic characteristics of the pitch will increase your chances of winning. Always study the pitch thoroughly before selecting players for your team.

Properly analyze the performance of each player.

Do not let your choice of a player be influenced by emotions. Do not try to blindly follow your favorite cricketer. Most fantasy cricketers rely on a player’s reputation instead of focusing on his actual performance and form. After you have analyzed the locations where your fantasy cricket will be played, look at the past performance of the players you have chosen for that location.

Choose your captain and vice-captain with wisdom.

This is very important when putting together a dream team for the game of fantasy cricket. The captain will give you 2x as many points. Similarly, the vice-captain will give you 1.5 times as many points. If you choose the right person for both roles, you can exponentially increase your chances of winning. Choosing an all-rounder as captain can be a great advantage, because even if his performance as a batsman is not up to par, he still has a few overs to showcase his bowling skills. Also, you can get knowledge of upcoming cricket matches in the app.

Selection of other players

After analyzing the weather forecasts, past performance of the pitches and players and their current form, it is now time to make accurate combinations and select players for the team. It is not advisable to ignore instinct when selecting players, but it is also advisable to use common sense. Choose players who can perform well under pressure and in adverse conditions. A good combination of versatile players, bowlers, batsmen and effective wicket keepers will ensure that you have a successful fantasy cricket team. Concentrate on all-rounders who can get you points while batting and bowling.

Make sure all the players in your team are up to bat.

Remember to keep a close eye on the final formations of both teams. There is nothing worse than players selected from your team not participating in the tournament. Try to avoid players who have been out of the team for a long time. If you have any doubts about selecting a player for the roster, do not select him. You can come back at any time after the final roster is announced.

Also, don’t forget to keep track of your financial investments and bonus points. Fantasy cricket is a thoughtful game based on skill and strategy. Here you can also know the live cricket match score. By making informed and correct decisions and keeping an eye on all aspects of the game, you can easily build your fantasy cricket team with the potential to win the game.


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