The Type of Sheet Can Have an Impact on How You Sleep

The Type of Sheet Can Have an Impact on How You Sleep

Believe it or not, the kind of sheet you use can be a major factor in your sleep quality throughout the night. Your bed isn’t just the place you lay down every night — it’s a calculated nest of comfort whose intention is to bring you rest, but only if you outfit it correctly. Today, we’re going to explain to you how to select the correct sheets for the best night’s sleep you can get.

Synthetic or Natural

You can have either natural or man-made materials for your sheet, be it cotton or polyester or the like, in that order. Polyesters are very cool to the touch and silky soft, but this actually isn’t good. For the best sleep, you’ll want a fabric that’s airy and breathes well, even with you in it. Cotton is the best choice for mattresses. Though not as soft, they keep the air flowing more efficiently, which helps to keep you crucially cool at night.

Types of Cotton

Not all kinds of cottons are created equal. There are different weaves of the material that need to be paid special attention to when selecting a new sheet set. Higher quality pima cotton, for instance, resists fraying and maintains its airy nature for longer and stronger than lower qualities of cotton. Cotton is very flexible, so the different weaves it comes in offers a wide variety of different stretches, textures, and styles for the choosy sleeper.

Temperatures of Masters

Cotton is the perfect solution for sheets for all climates. Different weaves provide different levels of breathability, so to speak. For blistering summer nights, try ultra-crisp and airy percale cotton or bamboo sheets, which maximize air-flow and keep you cool. On the other side, you have cotton-flannel, so plush and warm and snuggly that winters are as cozy as can possibly be.

Hot Sheets+Core Body Temp=UGH

At night, we’re wired to cool down exponentially in order to redirect energy to other parts of our systems, such as digestion. This is why, no matter how hot you get, you simply cannot go without the protective covering of a blanket. But we still get super-hot regardless, and this is where changing up the fabric of our bedding can make a huge difference in how we sleep. Our circadian rhythm has to be kept in balance in order for proper sleep to be achieved. 

Breathable sheets can make a world of difference in this regard. Honestly, the type of mattress you have can even make a difference, such as latex mattress versus a classic version.

Our Love for Bedding

You may find it heartbreaking to part with your treasured blanket at night when it gets so hot. A weighted blanket especially is a tremendous comfort source for some. We understand. It’s a comfort thing and a routine, so without it, our brains feel lost. This is why breathable sheets are such a tremendously good idea — it’s the happy medium in between what we need versus what we love about our bedding. 


All in all, the quality of your sleep is in direct proportion to the amount of care you put into the type of bedding you have. The airier, the better.


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