Camping is a dream of each outside lover. Driving on the Golden lake aspect, enjoying the water mirroring the sky, tenting within the middle of nowhere, staying in a very tent next to the lake, feeling a heat of fire, having savory barbecue and singing away the night. if you’re trying to find this pleasure therefore, pawna lake camping is that the best choice
Pawna lake tenting is one among the foremost fascinating tenting places around the city and Pune. It’s an area acknowledged for nature, lake and inexperienced hills all at once. Pawna tenting has become a very important encampment once the development of the Pawna Dam.Whether it’s with friends or family, tenting is one among those out of doors activities you’d like to derive pleasure time, and time once more.
Tenting offers you that abundant required break from the hustle and bustle of town life you needed to travel on since long. Lake tenting offers you the break and far a lot of fun games, outdoors activities, ample peaceful and alone time, and after all quality time along with your friends, family, and partner.

If you’re entering into a gaggle, it’s an ideal place for reposing your day-to-day stress of town life . Thus it’s primarily a getaway tenting for chilling. This place is admittedly hit the spot with the exploration of the historical forts. The proper existence of God created nature can compel your fingertips on every occasion to capture the real fantastic thing about the aura. You’ll be able to really feel nature’s love diverging out from the images which can fully indicate souvenir’s to lean to your favourite ones. You actually live and care for a moment concerning the place from the crepuscular until the down.
The sunrise at this place is splendid and you’re planning to observe its beauty and the colours of nature. The cold winds processing at the crack of the dawn can fill the hearts with positive feeling and true human spirit.
From Pune, it’s about 30-40 kilometer until the sides of the lake. The lake stretches all the way to Lonavala, creating it a serious attraction. This synthetic lake was a result of the dam engineered on the Pawna watercourse to produce water to the neighboring fields and villages, making an enormous drainage basin. Since its construction in 1972, the positioning became home to various flora and fauna, turning it into an inexperienced zone, and attracting nature lovers and tourists of every kind. Sitting at a height of 1500 feet from the ocean level, the lake space is additionally a lot cooler than its neighboring cities, giving a refreshing escape for urbanites, all year spherical. The placement, the rattling weather, and also the wide views create Pawna Lake a camper’s paradise.

Why it’s an essential Visit:
The reason you would like to step your feet into the comforting sand of Pawna is the serenity providing a flow of lake water, and therefore, the melodious sound created by the chilly breeze. Little question you’re going to experience nature’s symphony and not to forget the attention-getting comely hugging of the mountains.
It’s the perfect destination for a vacation as a result it will consume plenty of it slowly as alternative tenting does. It’s additionally affordable and not up to now from the town . It’s a chill spot with a touch of the tenting feeling whereby you’ll witness mountains and lake .Here you’ll be able to additionally play games, go water travel or most significantly do photography. Capturing here would be the most effective factor seeing the gorgeous place Pawna Lake is .
If you’re wanting forward to spending an evening underneath the open sky, reach the lake space by early afternoon. because the sun goes down and also the scarlet horizon turns hour blue, you’ll be able to see the little dots of diamonds spreading across the velvet sky and making a bright glow within the darkness. The open house and also the pure air provides you a clearer and wider read of the horizon. The ethereal sight is certain to go away you awe-inspired, as you unwind on the stream banks and obtain drawn to the heavenly bodies or begin distinctive the constellations
The old vibes with the rejuvenating landscape, Pawna Lake isn’t any in need of a chunk of design naturally. The picturesque sunsets, inexperienced and clean ambiance, and most significantly, the hypnotic sight of the night sky in its best kind, won’t solely create your weekend worthy however flip it into a visit to remember!

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